Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teflon Dawn - Memory Forecast, cassette, 2010

Been meaning to upload this one fer a while. First tape on obscuro Chicago tape label SHITFIX. Haven't heard of it? Probably because its releases are limited to ten or twenty tapes available personally for donation or trade. Also, its run by a quiet and humble awesome I received this tape with the warning that it was lofi and yussssssss staticy synths and some overblown fuzz but none of it too abrasive. For a cassette titled "Memory Forecast" I hope to hear a refreshing light static rain. Reccommended for fans of slow tape drone churn. Yummm.

If you like this, watch out for a new collaborative tape with Lamella "Twin Travoltas" on Teslavision Intergalactic. Previous projects include Master Bedrooms, Self-Aborting Fetus Gore, and Brainforest. His recent activities can be found via his cassette label SHITFIX and his blog Holoblographic.


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