Monday, February 4, 2013

Wume - Live at Situations 2.1.2013

Recorded February 1st, 2013
By Bobby Karabi

"We are a two-piece from Chicago, Illinois. Our music is an experiment in transcendence and rhythm. We hope you will enjoy our sounds." fuuuurrrrrrrrrrrreal. Easily one of the best bands going on in Chicago right now. Honored to open fer them. DRUMZ+SYNTHZ and nowwww guitar. Joined by Otto Junker fer this ethereal thirty minute set.


Acid Billy - Live at Situations 2.1.2013

Recorded February 1st, 2013
by Bobby Karabi

Weird posting yer own music on yer own blawg but I DIDN'T RECORD IT and it pairs with this killer WUME set. This is a new project I've been werking on. Started in North Dakota with a banjo, borrowed drum machines/pedals and a handle of whiskey and friend getting arrested in the middle of recording...still gotta git that tape out. But this is wut it's devolved to: ACID DAMAGED PSYCHGRASS BURNT&BROKEN HOUSE

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time Machines, CD, 1998

4 tones to facilitate travel through time. Coil under alias causing temporal slips. My fav drone album ov infinity.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jim Van Bebber - Roadkill: The Last Days of John Martin

1994, USA, 15 min
Director: Jim Van Bebber
Writers: Mark Gillespie, Jim Van Bebber
Stars: Mark Gillespie, Marc Pitman and Maureen Allisse

Friday, December 23, 2011

Los Munchroms - Soundtrack for the Static Channel, cdr, 2007

Weird glitched out plunderphonic audio collage. Don't know any background about this one. It was handed to me by a buddy a few years ago. Whoever it is tears up pop music, television, mashes sonic the hedgehog, and mixes the "sound" of .dll and .exe files. The Burroughs voice over with a Charlie Brown Christmas on track two realllly hits me good. The whole thing is great glitch and one of my favorite rando cdrs.

No art. Just a regular sony cdr jewel case. I hope the track names are correct because the handwriting is as bad as mine. Oh it has "10:37 p Nov 1" sharpie'd on the disc. Image taken from the defunct myspace.


Rio Turbo - Corvette Motion & Disco Sex, cdr, 2011

Serious swinger swagger goin on here. Seriously. Rio Turbo is the dirty disco dance side project of Joseph Peterson from Catacombz. Best caught hot and live w/ DJ Nike Mane and their dancers, The Turbettes. Picked up this cdr at a basement show in Milwaukee. The track list doesn't match the songs, but there's cute cats on it. The copy I grabbed doesn't include the bonus track. If you're in Milwaukee on New Years Eve THE PARTY is at the Cactus Club with Dude X 2 and DJ Samsquamch. More tracks on Reverb Nation.


Pyramid Mines - Give the People Air, cdr, 2011

Total Recall inspired experimental electronic drone jamz!! Recorded early 2011 in Chicago at Drone City by Brian Yohe of Teflon Dawn and SHITFIX cassette label. You can find my rip of his first tape here. This is the first release on Dialectic Discs. Dude's so prolific he started another cassette label called Dark Hiss, but there's no website so HUNT HIM DOWN IF YOU CAN. GREAT STUFF.