Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clique Talk - Demos, cdr, 2007 / Clique Talk, cdr, 2008

Recently I've been obsessed with a new jam called "Hell is Other People" but that's been blogged about soooo...I met JD Chrome when I first moved to Chicago but didn't get to seem 'em perform fer over a year. Since then I've been consistently dancing my ass off at clubs or lofts, inebrieated, sober, or alone all over Chicago. Some of my less flexible friends used to scoff it off as "New Order/Cure" imitators but there's more sinister and EBM influences. Whoever said, "grinding out a niche in the weirdo/dance/noise market" is gettin it kinda close or at least explains to me that why what I think is normal apparently isn't to others. Clique Talk is JD Chrome, J. Drumm, and Brian Other. You can catch them playing around Chicago as Clique Talk, djing, or as a stripped down duo called Valis.

a few notes on their badassery:

1. One time I came over to hang out and J. Drumm was busy mixing a chopped & screwed mix of pitch shifted dirty female rap, so it sounded like husky black men begging to get fucked.

2. then we watched some of starcrash and introduced me to the joys of italian trash cinema.

3. Instructed me on the way of the brass monkey, and has schoooooled me on music over many.

4. Rideknighter, on their self-titled explains what would happen if Michael Knight and KITT got hooked on heroin. "KITT's blacked out, he needs his fix as bad as you."

5. Blossom, in which religion is compared to anal fisting, also off S/T.

6. They were squatting and recording for what had to be over a year in a foreclosed house in pilsen moving around as they had to eventually steal power from the empty top floor...damn i forgot to ask about buying off some of their comic books...

(both cdrs have various covers)
Demos got sludgy digital effects, synthesizers, bass, guitar, drum machines, and processed vocals. The S/T is slicker and more sampled based. Both highly recommended for yer next necromatic dance ritual.



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