Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nude Sunrise – untitled basement jam, Live at Stoned City, 2011

Recorded Tuesday, January 18th
Living in the basement of Stoned City has its advantages. One being that my bed is six inches from the Nude Sunrise practice space. They've been shaking the floors recording their new album. Check out this new jam I bootlegged onto cassette. WAHWAHSOME.


Photo by Dawei Wang

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dog Lady - Children of the Torn Snare, cdr, 2009

I have a soft spot for fiddles. Picked this up the after an awesome set at the mopery in October of 2009. Soaring dynamic violin drone done right, and wtf is up with the kick pedal on the reel to reel? Really pleased me after being nonplussed by a poor Terry Riley ripoff set from Burning Star Core a few months back. Self-released with artwork by John Olsen. By artwork meaning wet ink pressed in between transparencies. SICK. At first I was disappointed with the amount of other electronics and noise on this release, but its really grown on me. Not yer usual bass heavy violin drone, this one focuses more on the scrapes, squeels, and other ways to process the instrument. What makes it a worthy listen is his sense of musicianship, no full on no-restraint instrument mangling. Not to say its not grinding and creepy uneasy listening, CUZ IT IZ. Really excited to see him again in Chicago at Chili's on February 12th. Anybody with any more Dog Lady releases hit me up.


Photo by Karina Natis

Sword Heaven - Beatings, cdr, 2005

Five years ago, Mr City, former basement venue in Fulton Market, I swear there was mold down there. Some guy on stage was grinding a contact mic'd pipe while another trudged through the audience growling, dragging broken cymbals chained to his ankle. And Sword Heaven hadn't even started yet. Wait till the drummer plugs in the contact mic that's duct taped around his neck and starts pummeling you into submission so pipe dude can scream and beat hanging sheet metal into your skull. I spent a good ten minutes in front of this scene until deciding to sit on a table near the PA having it shake and shiver my entire spinal cord.

Columbus duo Sword Heaven spent the last decade performing some of the harshest, grinding noise imaginable and releasing it on Load, Not Not Fun, Apop, Fuck It Tapes, and more. This is a self-released cdr I purchased from aforementioned show. The appropriately titled "Beatings" features three tracks of bludgening drums, electronic squelches, and heavy distortion all near the ten minute mark. The first two songs were later rereleased in better quality on a six band triple LP titled "Pisspounder". I haven't hear about them for a while and until the writing of this post, didn't even know they came out with a new LP last august. And apparently the drummer moved to India.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Whitehouse - Great White Death Special Edition (Susan Lawly re-issue 1997)

The first fucking masterpiece by the group that "invented" power electronics. Originally released in 1985, it took Whitehouse five years and nine albums to perfect their formula of high & low frequency blasts and verbal assault. Apparently they thought so too and took a year five year break...only to record next with Steve Albini. Contains such classics as "I'm Comin' Up Your Ass" and "Rapemaster". Guaranteed to upset the sensitive and...realistically upset any situation. GODDAMN IF THIS IS NOT SOME OF THE MOST BLISSFULLY PAINFUL HARSH NOISE. Or, maybe my friend was right when she said being berated gets me off.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nude Sunrise - Live at Camp Bell, 2010

Recorded May, 22, 2010
on handheld cassette in Gage Park. Same show as the ONO post and the a-side of the tape. This was back when Nude Sunrise was a three piece, sans drummer. Sorry Skatepark USA cuts off at the end, ran out of tape! Still wavy gravy dig it duuuude! More early Nude Sunrise bootlegs to come.

I don't understand why people call them "chill wave". Besides being a stupid name and a stupid genre, it doesn't apply. Too many blasts into guitar worshipping space rock and monolithic synth ala Spacemen 3 for that lofi wussy keyboard hipster crap. They've got a bunch of gigs the next two months before they go on tour. Feel their amps fer yrself.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teflon Dawn - Memory Forecast, cassette, 2010

Been meaning to upload this one fer a while. First tape on obscuro Chicago tape label SHITFIX. Haven't heard of it? Probably because its releases are limited to ten or twenty tapes available personally for donation or trade. Also, its run by a quiet and humble awesome I received this tape with the warning that it was lofi and yussssssss staticy synths and some overblown fuzz but none of it too abrasive. For a cassette titled "Memory Forecast" I hope to hear a refreshing light static rain. Reccommended for fans of slow tape drone churn. Yummm.

If you like this, watch out for a new collaborative tape with Lamella "Twin Travoltas" on Teslavision Intergalactic. Previous projects include Master Bedrooms, Self-Aborting Fetus Gore, and Brainforest. His recent activities can be found via his cassette label SHITFIX and his blog Holoblographic.