Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dog Lady - Children of the Torn Snare, cdr, 2009

I have a soft spot for fiddles. Picked this up the after an awesome set at the mopery in October of 2009. Soaring dynamic violin drone done right, and wtf is up with the kick pedal on the reel to reel? Really pleased me after being nonplussed by a poor Terry Riley ripoff set from Burning Star Core a few months back. Self-released with artwork by John Olsen. By artwork meaning wet ink pressed in between transparencies. SICK. At first I was disappointed with the amount of other electronics and noise on this release, but its really grown on me. Not yer usual bass heavy violin drone, this one focuses more on the scrapes, squeels, and other ways to process the instrument. What makes it a worthy listen is his sense of musicianship, no full on no-restraint instrument mangling. Not to say its not grinding and creepy uneasy listening, CUZ IT IZ. Really excited to see him again in Chicago at Chili's on February 12th. Anybody with any more Dog Lady releases hit me up.


Photo by Karina Natis

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