Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nude Sunrise - Live at Camp Bell, 2010

Recorded May, 22, 2010
on handheld cassette in Gage Park. Same show as the ONO post and the a-side of the tape. This was back when Nude Sunrise was a three piece, sans drummer. Sorry Skatepark USA cuts off at the end, ran out of tape! Still wavy gravy dig it duuuude! More early Nude Sunrise bootlegs to come.

I don't understand why people call them "chill wave". Besides being a stupid name and a stupid genre, it doesn't apply. Too many blasts into guitar worshipping space rock and monolithic synth ala Spacemen 3 for that lofi wussy keyboard hipster crap. They've got a bunch of gigs the next two months before they go on tour. Feel their amps fer yrself.