Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ONO - Sycamore Trees, Live at Camp Bell, 2010

Recorded May 22, 2010
on handheld cassette in Gage Park. I was looking forward to their performance of this song for weeks. So much so that after all the bbqing and camping out at Camp Bell that afternoon...I sat really close after this song and ruined the rest of the tape. DON'T JUDGE ME THIS IS SO AWESOME! YOU'VE SEEN FIRE WALK WITH ME RRRIGHT?

"ONO was founded in 1980 and originally rehearsed weekly in a basement on the South Side near the "PILL HILL" area. ONO shared the space with End Result. Their first show was at the original EXIT on Wells with Special Affect( Frankie Fun & Al Jorgenson) and Naked Raygun (Jeff and Mark-O, Santiago, Camillo and Jim). The original line-up of the band in 1980 was Hallene Kathy Brooks: Vocals ,Percussion and Recitations; travis: Vocals, Dobro, Steel Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards Marc Berrand-Vocals and Guitar P. Michael Grego-Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards. In early 1981 is was travis: Vocals, Dobro/Steel guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards; Ric Graham: Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Sax-Trumpet and Synthesizer/Computers; Shannon Rose Riley: Sax-Bass, Percussion and Keyboards; P. Michael: Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards. A pair of albums were released on the THERMIDOR record label out of San Fransisco: 1982's "MACHINES THAT KILL PEOPLE," and 1986's, "ENNUI." travis and P.Michael are still involved in live performance as ONO, however Ric Graham maintains the sound and visual archives and is retired from live performance. Current ONO line-up is travis, P. Michael, Rebecca Pavlatos, and Jesse Thomas. They have now released a cassette along with Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan (2010) and perform all over the Chicago area." - HISTORY from ono1980.com

That bio isn't entirely correct. Dawei of Suckling Pigs has recently been lending his guitar attacks to their weirdo mix. If you dig on this, ONO has several shows coming up listed on their website. I'd also recommend checking out some of their live archive circa 1981-1986.


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  1. yes as of October 2010 Dawei Wang is now a full member of ONO....