Friday, December 23, 2011

Los Munchroms - Soundtrack for the Static Channel, cdr, 2007

Weird glitched out plunderphonic audio collage. Don't know any background about this one. It was handed to me by a buddy a few years ago. Whoever it is tears up pop music, television, mashes sonic the hedgehog, and mixes the "sound" of .dll and .exe files. The Burroughs voice over with a Charlie Brown Christmas on track two realllly hits me good. The whole thing is great glitch and one of my favorite rando cdrs.

No art. Just a regular sony cdr jewel case. I hope the track names are correct because the handwriting is as bad as mine. Oh it has "10:37 p Nov 1" sharpie'd on the disc. Image taken from the defunct myspace.


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