Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fursaxa - Kobold Moon, CD, 2008

This is what you've been missing these cold, frigid, "I'm not going outside" nights recently. When it comes to layered haunting female vocal drone, Fursaxa is the QUEEN. I first got into her because she played in Acid Mothers Temple and someone commented that her solo recordings were similar and better than Nico's. This self-released CD on her own Sylph Records is a prime example. All the songs are pretty much composed entirely of by her voice with minimal instrumentation from keyboard, hand percussion, flute, and organ. It's seriously amazing how much of her voice she can squeeze into a four-track. Oh yeah and two of the songs are based on 'Flower Fairies of the Autumn' by Cicely Mary Barke. YEAH! GIRL DRONE ABOUT FAIRIES!!!


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